Keeping Loved Ones Eternally.

All lives are to be honoured and cherished. Create a elegant Onlinne memorial for your lost loved ones. Share lasting memories , with photos, stories and let family and friends share theirs memorable in their words.

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What You Get When with a Online Memorial from Rest With Dignity

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    No. 1

    A fully customisable online memorial page with a link to share with family and friends.

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    No. 2

    Personalised themes for every Online memorial.

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    No. 3

    Receive a beautifully bound Book of Condolences after 30 days with friends and family, their own recollections.

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    No. 4

    Reminder notifications on the anniversary of your loved one’s passing for annual commemoration.

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    No. 5

    A promise that no banner advertising will appear on the online memorial page.

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    No. 6

    Access to all future upgrades.


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